There are kinder ways of being…

Maria lives and works in Finland, and offers freelance services in person and online.

If you are interested in cultivating a kinder way of being, and a more joyful and resilient way of life, for yourself, your organisation or school, please get in touch. 

Freelance services

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Compassion Based Mindfulness 

Trained to teach Adults and Young Adults (11-18)

Groups and one-one.

Online and in-person.

Individuals, organisations, schools and workplaces.

Courses, workshops, retreats, bespoke services.

Supervisor of mindfulness based practices.

Facilitating, space holding, for group and personal practice

Intuitive flow art

Creating with the flows of pastel, ink, sand, snow.

Sale of flow-art and illustrated book (in progress)

Facilitating creative, and curiously playful spaces.

Workshops, events, gatherings and retreats.

Freely shared within the Connection Playground community.

Facilitating Deep Listening and Deep Relating gatherings.

Workshops, events, gatherings and retreats.

Freely shared in the Deep Adaptation community.

Supporting the Work that Reconnects and Active Hope communities.

Prior work & skills

Community Mental Health and Wellbeing project co-ordinator & acting manager.

Fin-Scot, rural skills and wellbeing exchange

Networks of Wellbeing (NoW) Aberdeenshire. North Scotland. 2009-2019

Creation and development of community wide mental health and wellbeing activities and projects. Specialising in facilitating spaces that cultivate inclusion, compassion, connections to nature, others, and self.     

Teacher, Support Co-ordinator, Disability Officer

Blackburn College and East Lancs Institute of Higher Education (ELIHE). Lancashire. North England. 2007-2017

Improving policy and practice for educational inclusion, diversity and disability access. Personal, vocational and academic service development with and for: students, teachers, departmental and support staff, voluntary and private sector organisations.    

Compassion Based Mindfulness

MBLC-YA teacher training retreat.

8 year pathway to the teaching and supervision of mindfulness based practice. 2012-2020

Teacher member of the Mindfulness Association. Qualified to teach the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC), and the Mindfulness Based Living Course for Young Adults.  


Caught red handed – full of allotment project smiles and paint.

A lifetime of personal interest and experience.

20 years professional application of the qualities, developments, and interventions in relation to resilient communities, groups, and individuals. 

Nature connection

Double rainbow Portsoy NE Scotland

A lifetime! 

2 years land-based training and volunteering. 2007-2009.

Inclusion in personal and work-based wellbeing practice. 2009-this moment

Creativity, writing, & intuitive flow art 

Sculpting sand with a loved one

Creating with words, colour, shape and texture – for the past 8 years. A way of being (curious and playful) in the present moment.

English language, literature & communication

English graduate and qualified teacher. BA Hons & PGCE. 1996-2001