“May what I do flow from me like a river,

no forcing and no holding back…”

R.M.Rilke’s Book of Hours.

Intuitive Flow Art

Saturday 3rd October.

TIME: 9am London, 10am Germany/France, 11am Finland/ Moscow/Bulgaria/Romania, 3pm Thailand, 4pm Bali.

Join us for the next Intuitive Flow Art event. Take a look at the event details on on fb, and follow the sign up info to book your place. If you don’t use fb, you can contact me via email.

This event is free.

Intuitive Flow Art: created with fruity tea leaves.

This piece of flow art, and the Playground Connection event it inspired, arrived when taking a tea break and considering what materials we all might have during this time of coronavirus quarantine & self isolation. This tea-leaf (creativiTea) arrived as this idea for an intuitive-flow-art event was ‘percolating’ within.

It’s a great learning experience to share what I love with others. It’s also delightful to be with people as their creativity ‘arrives’ during theses events. A wonderful way to slow down, and playfully ‘be’.

Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC)

New Course for Winter – dates to be confirmed. Contact for info

Council of All Beings & The Work that Re-connects

This event has passed – it may be repeated.

Leaving the Holy Isle WTR retreat: west coast of Scotland

This weekend I’ll be facilitating a practice inspired by the Work That Reconnects. A lifelong love of the outdoors led me to deep ecology and the work of Joanna Macy many years ago. Last summer I was able to take part in a 5 day Work That Reconnects retreat on the beautiful Holy Isle.

For more information about this curious practice, and to book your place for the Council of All Beings take a look at the Connection Playground fb page

Mindfulness Settle & Soothe

This event has passed – it may be repeated.

English language ease

This event has passed – it may be repeated.