Being creative Creatively being

I’ve been quietly writing, drawing, and sculpting for many years, and am deeply curious about intuitive flow, creativity, and the place where they meet. The quiet space within. Pre words, pre any thought of producing something we call ‘Art’.

The creativity I call ‘intuitive flow art’ does not begin with a set plan or design, it simply arrives, and helps me tune into ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’.

As time unfolds I’ll be sharing more of the intuitive art that has flowed through over the years. If you see something you like, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Ink on paper – edited for video

This Kinder Way of Being video was created for World Peace Day September 21st 2020. A Suomen kieli (Finnish language) version will be available soon.

‘A kinder way of being’ was created in a very full-flow few days, in time to join the peace weekend celebrations as one of the Caravan of Unity co-creating Europe events. The beautiful soundtrack to this video is Alexandra Chapman Campbell’s ‘song of the evening’.

Flow art for Deep Listening
Pastel on paper – edited for this event photo

This piece of flow is being used to accompany Deep Listening event information. These facilitated gatherings are offered to members of the Deep Adaptation community, where I am a member and facilitator

Blue seadragon
Ink on paper

This is one of the many little sea dragons that have been arriving since drawing with ink. At least that’s what friends tell me they look like. This whole family of dragons arrived at mökille (summer cottage). It feels like there is a little book in the making.

Pastel on paper

This piece of flow arrived after an Authentic movement event earlier this year.