Hi I’m Maria, and I hold space for cultivating more compassionate connection to self, others and nature.

I love to collaborate, co-create, and delight in the practice of intuitively sculpting and drawing.


A kinder way of being with the mind. A way to enhance health, and cultivate a more joyful and resilient life. Being present to the beauty and aliveness of simply being.


Kinder connections to self, other and nature. Remembering to turn to our experience with compassion, befriending who we are, so we may live and love more fully.


A way of listening and learning how to trust in our sense of innately knowing what is helpful. Being the expert of our unfolding experience.

Remembering the joy of being

Mindfulness: teacher, guide, facilitator and supervisor

I offer a variety of Compassion based mindfulness spaces that tend to mind care, supporting you to cultivate a more joyful and easeful life.

Introductions, workshops and courses, for individuals, groups, and organisations.

Personal guidance and 1:1 practice support.

Supervision of mindfulness based practice.

Intuitive Flow Art

I offer prints on request. I also hold spaces where we can explore flow art. A meditative practice that enhances wellbeing in day to day life. A way to listen to the innate wisdom within.

If you’d like to experience letting go into intuitive flow art, there’s an online event available bimonthly.

See more intuitive flow art unfolding on Facebook & instagram


Grateful for the beautiful beings who have offered to say a little about their experience of working with me: by joining mediative practice, courses, workshops, or one to one journeys. More here