Mindfulness teacher, supervisor and intuitive artist

Based in Finland and working globally, I offer spaces that tend to mind-care and our compassionate connections to self, other and nature.

Remembering the joy of being

I’m endlessly curious about mind care, and kinder connections to self, other and nature. About who we ‘be’ when we remember the joy, beauty and aliveness of simply being. As a personal practice i enjoy being with, and sharing pieces of Intuitive Flow Art.





Compassion Based Mindfulness

I offer a kinder way of being with the mind. A way that enhances health, and cultivates a more joyful and resilient life. Being present to the beauty and aliveness of simply being.

Compassion based mindfulness Introductions, workshops and courses, for individuals, groups, and organisations. Personal coaching and 1:1 practice support. Supervision of mindfulness based practice.

Intuitive Flow Art

Natural Sculpting, Pastel and Ink Drawings

If you’d like to experience letting go into intuitive flow art. There’s an online event available bi-monthly within the Connection Playground online community.

You’ll find more of my creative work unfolding on Facebook & instagram