Compassion Based Mindfulness & Mindcare

2012 – now

  • Guided Mindfulness: supporting personal daily practice
  • *Accredited Mindfulness training for adults and young adults (11-18’s)
  • Supervision of mindfulneess based practices
  • Courses, workshops and retreats
  • Coaching for individuals

* Teacher member of the Mindfulness Association MBLC and MBLC.YA.


2001 – now

Natural sculpting, pastel/ink paintings.

I love hand crafting with sand, snow and other impermanent feeling materials, it’s a personal practice that helps with focused flow, and letting go.

Creating with words, colour, shape and texture as a way of being in present moment creative practice. Something I call Intuitive Flow Art.

Relational Being

2018 – now

  • Facilitation and space holding
  • Gatherings and retreats
  • Event creation
  • Facilitation of Deep Listening and Deep Relating

Supporting the Deep Adaptation community

Supporting the Work that Reconnects and Active Hope communities

Nature Connection

Nature, the greatest teacher

2009 – now

2007- 09 community growing and agricultural projects, land-based rural skills training and project development.

Nature connection is intentionally woven into my life and work, for as many moments as I may remember. As a child I remembered, as an adult I am re-remember what is easily forgotten. I am because we are. We are nature when we remember the reciprocity of all beings.

Community Mental Health and Wellbeing

2009 – 2019

Networks of Wellbeing (NoW) Aberdeenshire. North Scotland.

Creation and development of community wide mental health and wellbeing activities and projects. Specialising in facilitating spaces that cultivate inclusion, compassion, connections to nature, others, and self.     

2020 – now

International Working Women Of Finland IWWOF.

Voluntary Chapter Co-cordinator & Wellbeing Lead.

Coordinating connections in Lappeenranta, and organising a wellbeing programme for talented internationally minded women living in Finland, that supports the aims and visions of IWWOF.

Education, learning and inclusion

1999 – 2009

Blackburn College and East Lancs Institute of Higher Education (ELIHE). Lancashire. North England.

Improving policy and practice for educational inclusion, diversity and disability access. Personal, vocational and academic service development with and for: students, teachers, departmental and support staff, voluntary and private sector organisations.