I’m an Artist…are you?

I believe that humans are innately creative.

That we are artists.

As a practice, intuitive Flow Art can support, nourish, and cultivate wellbeing.

I am deeply curious about intuition, creativity, and the place where they meet in my art, and in the art of fellow creatives. The creativity I call ‘intuitive flow art’ does not begin with a set plan or design, it simply arrives. A phenomenon well known (and felt) by artists who speak about flow states in their work. For me, tuning into the creative embodied experience of ‘being’ with shape, colour, texture, light, and pattern, supports all parts of my life.

The difficulty for many of us, is making the time and space, to simply listen.

Flowful progress

As my artwork unfolds, I’m learning to develop ways to share what I do. There’s a lot to learn, not least, tech curves, and cultivating the patience to take the slow path. I continue to be reminded that slow is ok! Really ok!!! That circling back is ok too!

When I can listen, and be guided by what feels intuitively right…beautiful and suprising things happen.

This Kinder Way of Being video was created for World Peace Day September 21st 2020. It was used for the Caravan of Unity co-creating Europe peace weekend events. The drawings are ink on paper, edited for this video.

The soundtrack that accompanies this video is ‘Song of the Evening’ by Alexander Chapman Campbell. Used with his kind permission.

Indigo ink & bamboo brushes.

Seeing & being seen

Little by little my flow Art is making its way into the world. It’s a lovely surprise when someone asks to buy, or use, pieces of my art. As time unfolds, I will share more.


If you see something you like here or on my instagram or Facebook, reach out. Prints of my work can be arranged.

Supporting community

Pieces of intuitive flow art are are being used by the Deep Adaptation community, where I am a voluntary Deep Listening and Deep Relating facilitator.

Deep Adaptation Forum: community fb icon
Pastel on Paper.
Deep Adaptation Forum’s diversity and decolonising circle
Pastel on Paper. Deep Adaptation Forum, deep listening.

What next?

Getting more comfortable with ‘I don’t know’?

As a practice, intuitive flow art helps me to become more comfortable with the experience of ‘not knowing’. Not needing to know what next. Being with ‘what now’ as fully as possible. Allowing, and accepting, what flows through my experience…just as it is. Trusting that the experience of becoming, is an integral part of being, and not something separate.

It’s not always comfortable for my mind. But, it feels right. And so, I’m curiously stepping forward, moment by moment…into the unknown what next of intuitive flow.