Working with communities whose aims and vision are close to my heart and mind.

Together we are stronger



I started my journey with the Mindfulness Association in 2012. The continued connections and professional development, support my practice and resource me along the way.

Teacher Member

Offering MA accredited courses.

Teaching adults & young adults (11-18) the mindfulness based living course, workshops, retreats, and guided practice.

“A welcoming and compassionate organisation offering information about mindfulness and a wide range of courses that support people in their training and practice in mindfulness, compassion, insight and wisdom”

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International Women

As an international freelance professional in Finland, this community, and our continued well being, is very close to my heart and mind. Together, we are stronger.

2019 – now

Wellbeing Lead

Creating, coordinating, and facilitating online and face to face well-being activity.

2019 – now

Lappeenranta Chapter Coordinator

Widening connections and hosting networking gatherings locally.

“IWWOF is a vibrant community of women from all walks of life living in Finland. Our aim is to empower our community members and provide them with a safe space to develop as an individual professionally or personally.”

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Widening Circles

I had the pleasure of co-creating & co-founding this incredible facilitator community programme with dear Zori Tomova in 2021.

Although I’m no longer developing the core program, I continue to be nourished by Widening Circles peer connections.


Co-founder/creator & space holder

Widening Circles program and special guest series.

2022 – now

Continuing connections reuniting, and delighting in the widening ripples of peer development this community inspires.

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