Being creative Creatively being

I’ve been quietly writing, drawing, and sculpting for many years, and am deeply curious about intuitive flow, creativity, and the place where they meet. The quiet space within. Pre words, pre any thought of producing something we call ‘Art’. The creativity I call ‘intuitive flow art’ does not begin with a set plan or design, it simply arrives, and helps me tune into ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’. As time unfolds I’ll be sharing more of the intuitive art that has flowed through over the years. For now…

Flow & motion

This Kinder Way of Being video was created for World Peace Day September 21st 2020. Toivotavasti there will be a Suomen kieli (Finnish language) version available in the future. The drawings are ink on paper, edited a little for this animated work, so that it could be part of the Caravan of Unity co-creating Europe peace weekend events. The beautiful soundtrack that accompanies A Kinder Way of Being is Song of the Evening by Alexander Chapman Campbell. Used with his kind permission.

Books in flowful progress

As these books take shape, I’m learning about ways to share them, including how to create and self-publish e-books. As always, there’s a lot to learn, not least, being with tech frustration, and cultivating patience to accept this slow/fast learning curve.

I continue to be re-minded, that slow is ok! Really ok!!! That circling back is ok too! As best I can, re-remembering that being guided by what feels intuitively right…is the way forward.

indigo ink & bamboo brushes. For the first time.

This watery flow was created lakeside, and is part of a book for children and the young at heart. A whole series of watery flow arrived at mökille (summer cottage).

Ink on paper: thrice rained on.

Seeing, and being seen

An illustrated book slowly in the making . How intuitive flow art feels, as it arrives.

Little by little the art flow that I have been sitting with, and being with, is making its way into the world. Perhaps because it is a quiet practice, not created as ‘art’ or for anything other than ‘being with’, it’s still a jaw-dropping surprise when someone asks to buy, or use, pieces of flow-art.


The first prints ‘out there’ brightening a wall, after being spotted on social media by a friend who wished for for A4 enlargements.

If you see something you like here or on my instagram or facebook, I’d be delighted to arrange for prints for you, or as a gift.

Supporting community

Pieces of intuitive flow art are are being used by the Deep Adaptation community, where I am a voluntary Deep Listening and Deep Relating facilitator.

Deep Adaptation Forum: community fb icon
Pastel on Paper.
Deep Adaptation Forum’s diversity and decolonising circle

What next?

I don’t know? As a practice, intuitive flow art helps me to be with and become more comfortable with the experience of ‘not knowing’. Not needing to know what next. Being with ‘what now’ as fully as possible. Allowing, and accepting, as best I can, what flows through my experience…just as it is. Trusting that the experience of becoming, is an integral part of being, and not something separate.

It’s not always comfortable for my mind. But, it feels right. And so, I’m curiously stepping forward, moment by moment…into the unknown what next of being with intuitive flow.