An online peer support program for experienced therapists, coaches, consultants & facilitators, growing together as humans, masters of our craft, and conscious entrepreneurs.

JULY & AUGUST 2022 * SUMMER EDITION applications are now closed!



Unfolding as Spaceholders


Join an online group of 12 carefully selected heart-centered spaceholders (min. 5+ years of experience) offering regular highly personalised support to one another.


Expand your heart, mind and skill by interbeing and cross-pollinating with peers with various backgrounds and specialties, in 1:1 and group settings


Immerse yourself in an environment of leaders & masters of their craft, empowering you to show up more fully in developing your authentic service & conscious business.

An introduction to Widening Circles

This is for you, if you

 have a minimum of 5 years experience as a therapist, coach, consultant, guide, healer, energy worker, facilitator or professional specialised in deeply holding people and helping them grow and transform.

 are an entrepreneur who has developed their own business and/or someone who has a high degree of autonomy and creative space in providing a professional spaceholding service.

 are devoted to serving from a place of deep heart-centred presence that empowers your clients to grow and find their own wisdom.

 resonate with our community values of authenticity, listening, interbeing, vitalness and emergence.

✓ are ready and willing to open up to give and receive in a spirit of generosity with a group of exceptional humans and spaceholders.

We follow these criteria, our hearts and intuition in carefully selecting the people we let into this container, so that we can create an amazing nurturing, supportive and empowering peer environment. 

It’s important for us that you also resonate and can regard us as peers if you are considering joining – hop onto our next free live online gathering and meet us. Or follow the ‘About us’ button to find out more about us and our backgrounds.



Vision & Principles

This is a space of interbeing and interbecoming, a global mycelium emergent online network of spaceholders that we co-create, return to and replenish from for the unique offline and online work each of us contributes to the Great Turning towards a more life-promoting and life-sustaining human culture.

We use the ancient technology of community, of a circle sat around the fire, to help one another bravely and safely expand our sense of self, gradually integrating deeper layers of Earth consciousness, allowing us to hold others as parts of ourselves ever in an ever wider heart embrace.


deeply attuning to and holding space from the gifts that are ours to give, our own experience and growth as humans and masters of our craft.


opening up to receive the wisdom of Nature within and around, so we can create in alignment with her and the wellbeing of all.


seeing everyone in this space and the wider context of our lives as parts of ourselves and exploring the conditions to enable human growth and flourishing.


focusing on our hearts and the presence we are able to hold, as the most essential ingredient to the growth of our authentic service and business.


following what emerges when we create sacred shared space to align mind, heart, body and spirit and be with what is alive in our individual and collective field.

“I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may not complete this last one but I give myself to it. I circle around God, around the primordial tower. I’ve been circling for thousands of years and I still don’t know: am I a falcon, a storm, or a great song?”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Why join?


In your natural unfolding as a human, spaceholder and business owner, working with what is alive for you and allowing yourself to receive, deepen, shift and expand in a safe, intimate and professionally held space.


Share your presence, wisdom, methods, and capacity to hold space where it can have a huge. impact, by supporting the work of peers. Help shape and hold the space that you most need for your growth and inspiration.


Expand your perspective, skillset, methodology, knowledge and inspiration by experimenting, learning from and growing with a group of talented spaceholders with various skills and backgrounds.


of carefully selected inspiring humans, where you can be deeply seen and met, find resonance and shared passion, experience belonging, co-create and weave in the fabric of what is emerging in a shared space.


in a space where you can surrender & practice being as you are, replenish, restore and magnify your energy and love for what you do, and leave feeling more alive, vibrant and motivated to get back to work.


by sharing support around showing up, sharing your message, growing your business & abundance with other spaceholder-entrepreneurs, making the necessary shifts on energetic and more practical levels.

In this group, we intend to break out of the regular teacher-student model and instead direct attention to shaping our learning and growth environment. Environment not as an influence on our journey, not as a mirror, but as an actual part of ourselves. As we learn to create and hold that supportive nurturing space for ourselves, we can do it better for others.

Which is why, we ask:

How do we shape an environment that best supports human growth and flourishing?

Widening Circles Key Question


“It feels safe, nourishing, expansive, full of possibilities and a core strength that I could not possibly have alone. I absolutely need and love community and being part of a group journeying together and supporting one another and the ‘work’.” – S. D., United Kingdom

“My primary goals are business results, impact, and personal development (health and happiness). The Widening Circles is a bull’s eye for me, way more impactful than some kind of “business coaching program” (which would probably cost me 10x the price, incidentally). Why? Business coaching will not address the fundamental issue, which is trauma, which affects my ability to show up, and in some cases the quality of my decisions. There is something very powerful in this particular group, in both of your holding & feminine energy, and in the shared context of being together as space-holders. It’s been a game changer for me. I have profound insights and new directions every week. ” – M. B., United States

“Widening Circles has been at once both inspirational and healing. Being in a space with other space holders I’ve felt seen, supported and connected. We’ve experienced everything from deep grief to joyful playfulness together. I’ve also received new perspectives which have changed my way of
approaching my life and business. Maria and Zori have been amazing, holding the space withsoftness and dedication. Profoundly grateful!” R. W., Austria

“Feeling more human and deserving of being cared for, by coming together with other carers that need to be cared for. I’d like to celebrate the visibility of parts of myself (and others) that are normally kept aside. As a carer who’s not used to having a space to be cared for and feel part of a group, the Widening Circles has allowed me to first witness this aspect of myself and, slowly to see and bring it to other’s visibility, diminishing the guilt for its presence and hopefully heading towards accepting and integrating it. Thank you, Zori and Maria for creating this space! <3″ A. S., Romania

“I keep being inspired by our group, by the skillshares and EVERYTHING! And amazing things keep happening in almost every lesson I teach, which is so encouraging. I’m becoming ever more courageous, daring to BE so much more, and showing up as a human being more than as a teacher. So thank you SOOO much, you’re doing amazing work. I appreciate this space and you all so so much.” M. C., Germany

“Somehow I’m taking this group more seriously than I have done with other groups in the past. It seems to represent for me ‘humanity’ and ‘other’. It feels big and significant, like meeting a whale or something. Sometimes the old habitual ways of relating come up and I feel distant and see the group as separate from me, as a task or burden to ‘deliver them what they want from me’ and free myself off. And then again I recognise the freedom being present again, realising I chose this group deliberately and I’m not made to do it’s bidding, I’m free with every single one of you. Then I get this majestic ‘whale-encounter’ feeling again where the group comes alive and I’m even part of it! Then it feels new again and I feel touched, honoured, scared, even a little bit devotional in moments, which surprised me. I celebrate all of this, I love the feeling that it matters, and also that I’m leaning into my edge.” B. L., The Netherlands

JULY & AUGUST 2022 * SUMMER EDITION applications are now closed!


Summer Edition

1 JULY – 31 AUGUST 2022

75 €/month

✔️ 2 months program at minimum price (sliding scale: 75-125 €/mo)

✔️ 5 live peer circles per month to choose from

✔️12 spots available for spaceholders with 5+ years of experience

✔️ 1:1 calls with peers upon mutual agreement

✔️ Whatsapp community space to share & connect in between calls

✔️ Early Bird price for the Full Program, if you decide to continue with us until March 2023 (149€/mo)

Full Program

10 SEPT 2022 – 10 MARCH 2023

149 €/month

✔️ 6 months program at Early Bird price by 22nd July (standard: 222€/mo)

✔️ 10 live circles per month to choose from

✔️ 12 spots available for spaceholders with 5+ years of experience

✔️ 1:1 calls with peers upon mutual agreement

✔️ Whatsapp community space to share & connect in between calls

✔️ Cancel anytime by not sending the upcoming month’s payment

Special Guest Series

This is our invitation for you to join us in exploring the mystery and mastery of holding space for others with some very special humans, in your own time. You can do that by listening to our conversations with our Widening Circles guests, masters of this craft who inspire us and we invite to join our circle and share their stories and wisdom on a monthly basis. The first hour we hold as a Q&A to be shared with you publicly, and the second hour is a private discussion where the guest sits with our community in free open dialogue.

Below, you will find some of our podcast episodes – to stay up-to-date, subscribe for our youtube channel.


Widening Circles 2 months program
1 July 2022 – 31 August 2022


This is an opportunity to get a feel of the vibe of the group at a lower summertime pace and price!

This program has 12 spots and includes a total of 10 live circles spread over 2 months (6-8 peer support spaces, 1 authentic relating, and others that might emerge). You can reach out to peers for 1:1s and use our whatsapp group to share and deepen connections. There will be no recordings, as the program is focused on receiving highly personalised live support by one another.


Payment is via PayPal, or Bank Transfer, due before the program begins and ensures your spot, as follows:

75 – 125 EUR per month (149 – 249 EUR for 2 months, sliding scale)


We invite you to attend min. 4 zoom gatherings during the duration of the program, where each is 2 hours long. For this, there are about 10 group calls available for you to choose from, each attended by 7-8 people on average. You can attend more than 4 if you wish, regardless of your financial contribution.

The dates and times are in late afternoon/evening time Europe, morning Americas, and will be decided via a vote with Early Bird participants.


By registering for the Summer Program you automatically get a super early bird price (149-249) EUR/month sliding scale) for our 6 month Widening Circles, if you wish to continue with us. We ask you to confirm your spot with us by 20 August.


Widening Circles 6 months program, 2nd edition: 
10 Sept 2022 – 10 March 2023


There are 12 spots available for this program and prices below are valid only as long as we have spots available. The financial contribution is at a sliding scale, to be paid on a monthly basis, before the 10th of each month, as follows:

* Super Early Bird (by June 30th): 149 – 249 EUR/month

* Early Bird (by August 20th): 169 – 269 EUR/month

* Standard (by Sept 10th): 222 – 322 EUR/month


We invite you to attend min. 4 zoom gatherings/month, where each is 2 hours long. For this, there are 10 group calls available for you to choose from each month, each attended by 7-8 people on average. You can attend more than 4 if you wish, regardless of your financial contribution. 


We invite you to join us for 6 months, from 10 September 2022 to 10 March 2023. However, you have the freedom to leave at any moment by simply not paying your membership for the next month. The dates and times are decided twice, in the beginning and middle of the program, via vote by those who participate. They are in late afternoon/evening time Europe, morning Americas. 


Skillshare meetings are recorded and shared ONLY for the use of members of the group, under an agreement of confidentiality. Special Guest meetings first hour is shared on youtube for a wider audience (you can choose to stay invisible for that), and second hour is a private space, recorded only for our group. Recordings will be kept for 2 weeks, unless otherwise stated.


We might change the group size depending on how attendance flows, always making sure we keep the intimate feel of our live circles (7-8 participants per call). If you wish to remain with us longer than the duration of this program, we reserve the right to make changes to our pricing for future editions. 

About the hosts

Zori and Maria have been working together for over 2 years, curiously exploring connections to self, other and nature in the Connection Playground community. As this journey unfolded, we discovered that our collaborative relationship with each other, and the spaceholders we are connected to, has birthed a new way forward for us as spaceholders, project creators, and business owners. This way forward is not new. It is a re-remembering of the way we wish to consciously create, from a place of community, collaboration, and peer growth. An old way, for a new evolution into living more fully as the love that we are. 

We feel called to Widen the Circle. Will you join us?

Maria Perkins is a compassion based mindfulness practitioner, teacher, and supervisor: a trained teacher member of the Mindfulness Association. She has been fascinated with mind, consciousness, communication and tending to mind care since childhood. Originally from urban North England in 2007 she followed her intuition and moved with her family to rural Scotland, where a journey of re-connecting with self, other and nature began: learning from how freely and abundantly nature supports wellbeing for body and mind and spirit. Today, she lives with her beloved in Finland by the shore of Lake Saimaa. Maria brings over 20 years of experience in Education and Inclusive Learning, and Community Mental Health and Wellbeing to the spaces she holds. Yet, it is the letting go of known ways of being, and (re)remembering how to listen and trust heart based intuition that guides her growth into the love that we are, into interbeing and interbecoming. Cultivating the joy and beauty of be-ing alive at this moment in time. She loves to collaborate and co-create, and delights in the practice of intuitively sculpting and drawing.

Zori Tomova image

Zori Tomova is a purpose alignment coach, shamanic guide and founder of the Connection Playground – an online community dedicated to creating spaces to explore and deepen our connection with self, others and nature. Originally from Bulgaria, her journey has taken her to the sacred lands of Bali, Peru and Guatemala, where she has drawn inspiration from nature, indigenous wisdom, spiritual communities and intentional work with plant medicine. She has a formal training in Deep Transformational Coaching (with Peter Wrycza, Bali), is currently undergoing training for Inner Dance facilitation (with Pi Villaraza, Philippines) and has held space for thousands of hours of authentic relating, shamanic work, embodiment, spaceholder support circles, various community emergent and co-created gatherings around different topics and practices. She sees herself as a human being passionate about serving the sacredness of life by creating environments where we can grow together and experience the depths of connection, love and community. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example month like in the full program?

In the Summer Program, you get 10 gatherings over 2 months, while in the Full Program you get 10 each month. We encourage you to pick a minimum of 4 out of 10 that best suit your availability and needs, and welcome you to attend more. A typical summer month includes 4 peer support calls, and 1 other. A typical full program month includes 4 peer support calls and 6 calls that we invite you to co-create with us, based on topics and needs of the community and its members, as well as skills and methods that wish to be shared.

peer support calls (regular weekly) where we split in groups of 2-3 people, taking turns to hold space for one another around whatever topic or challenge we bring.  

emergence circles to play with present topics, cross-pollinate & get inspired for (co)-creating the themed circles for the upcoming month(s).

themed circle, where we set our individual and collective focus for the month, and deepen into it together.

practice or skillshare where one of the community members holds space for the rest of us (eg. art therapy, story telling, money mindset, authentic movement, embodiment, ritual, WTR, IFS, mindfulness, etc)

authentic relating & circling where we practice bringing meditative awareness to the way we relate to one another & nurture the threads of community.

– special guest, where we collaborate to bring someone we consider a master in the art of holding space, to share and dialogue with us. The first hour is a Q&A, shared on our youtube channel, and the second is private open dialogue with them.

–  focus & flow, where we each set an intention to bring attention to a creative project we wish to progress on, work on it in our own space & report on our progress;

– one-on-one call to connect or hold 1:1 space with a peer

– an ongoing Whatsapp space to share via text and voice around the emerging spaceholding topic of the month or anything else that wants to be shared.

Do I need to attend all the sessions?

No, you choose the ones you wish to join! We encourage you to participate in at least 4 group calls per month in the Full Program (2 in the Summer Edition), arrange your own 1:1s as it feels right and take breaks as you need. We record skillshare and special guest calls, so you can have a look at those in your own time. The rest of the calls are highly participatory and often the main value is received in smaller groups, which is why we don’t record and ask you to participate in them live to get the best out of this group.

How much is the contribution?

We invite you to contribute first and foremost by co-creating an environment that supports our individual and collective growth! We look to you as a leader and creator rather than the typical training participant or consumer. Thus, we ask you to help shape the container, offer your support, practices, skills, contacts. This emergent co-creation does require holding and organising to be sustainable, which is why we ask for a financial contribution, as detailed above. If you have troubles affording our rates, reach out to us, so we can see if there’s a possibility to reduce the rate for you, given your circumstances.

What is the vision of this community?

We envision a widening circle of spaceholders who meet in intimate online spaces to replenish, support, inform, cross-pollinate, co-create, inspire one another. A global mycelium network, where powerful ways of being, insights and approaches for supporting the unfolding of the love that we are, quickly make their way to the people and communities that need them. By having an opportunity to connect and extend beyond our immediate environments, we open space for surprise, for flow and creation beyond what we can imagine.

Who do we consider to be a spaceholder? A peer?

A spaceholder is someone who offers therapy, coaching, healing, energy work, group process facilitation etc. and is dedicated to supporting others to connect with their own wisdom. To consider a spaceholder a peer, we will also look for an experience in this field of at least 5 years, an alignment in terms of values and follow our intuition in picking out people we’d love to be around and share such a space with. You don’t have to have a registered business or have the intention of developing one to be part of the circle.

Why pay if this is a peer community?

It is an interesting question to navigate in this case for sure! It is a peer space, yes, yet also it takes energy to conceptualise, bring into being, choose the right people and hold our group’s intention, values and structure in a sustainable way. This is our second time running such a circle, and Zori and Maria each bring more than 3.5 years of experience in holding space for emergence and co-creation in the context of two living rich online communities – Connection Playground and Deep Adaptation.

What is unique about this?

This is NOT a group to add one more thing to learn or do to your schedule. Instead, this is a space where you come to replenish, to rest and be held, and play with and do what you love. We do NOT shower you with content, but rather we give a space to be with yourself and what is present for you and let it unfold in intimate live circles of 2-8 people. In this group, we do NOT treat you as a consumer, but as a mature free being and powerful creator. We are NOT here to establish a profitable and scalable business model, but to find new ways of being and weaving healthier fabric in our relations, businesses and communities.